Crypto Casinos

If you’re looking for the best crypto casinos where you can pay with crypto coins, you’ve come to the right place. We all know that the online casino industry has been in a permanent evolution for more than 20 years; and in this innovative process, several options have emerged for the gamblers like the casinos with cryptocurrencies.

We talk about a payment method that is growing in popularity every day due to its security, anonymity, transparency, and decentralization. Our team of experts is frequently updated to select the best crypto casinos. All the companies you will find in our lists have been subjected to strict tests and revisions. Do you want to know the best casinos? Join us!

What are Crypto Casinos?

Thanks to the growth of the online casino industry and the appearance of virtual currencies, crypto casinos started to appear. These are sites that play online and accept crypto coins as a means of payment.

How did this type of casino evolve in online gambling?

The success and evolution that crypto casinos have had are since transactions with cryptocurrencies are secure and instantaneous. All thanks to a system called blockchain.

The entire procedure for depositing and withdrawing money is decentralized and anonymous. That is to say, a bank will not be needed as an intermediary to receive or deposit money. Therefore, transaction fees are not necessary.

Likewise, the fact that online casinos are always devising the best ways to optimize their customers’ gaming experience has allowed cryptocurrency to be incorporated as an innovative payment method. This makes crypto casinos online sites that are up to date with the development of the gaming industry and technology.

What are virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies?

Since 2009 we hear the terms cryptocurrency, crypto active, and virtual currency. These are means of exchange that are based on the Internet. It should be noted that cryptocurrencies use cryptographic or encryption functions to carry out financial transactions.

Besides, cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology. This consists of records that cannot be altered and are managed by many computers that do not belong to a single entity.

Also, the blockchain keeps a record that prevents people from using cryptocurrencies that do not belong to them or from making incorrect transactions. Therefore, crypto operations are transparent, stable, unalterable, and decentralized.

It is important to note that, cryptocurrencies can be exchanged between two parties through public and private keys. Where there may be minimal fees for transfers, compared to traditional banking.

Bonuses for crypto casinos

When you become a customer of a crypto casino, you can also receive very generous bonuses, such as the welcome package granted for registration.

However, if you are a regular customer you also receive bonuses. These can be “reload” bonuses during the week or refunds for lost bets. Similarly, if you are enrolled in the loyalty program, you will get many gifts, prizes, and bonuses according to the level you have reached.

It is worth mentioning that you will find the list of the best crypto casinos’ bonuses on our website so that you will not fail to benefit from these rewards.

The most famous virtual currencies you will find at crypto casinos

Since Bitcoin made its appearance in 2009, several Cryptocurrencies have emerged. Below you will find the most reliable and well-known ones that crypto casinos have adopted for their transactions.


It was the first Cryptocurrency that was created in 2009. At the moment, we don’t know who made it, because the inventor of this system is known by the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto. Nowadays, it is known all over the world, so it enjoys high value and reliability. So you can use Bitcoin to buy goods and services. Also, online casinos have taken it as one of their main means of payment.


It’s a very popular cryptocurrency, used the technology employed by Bitcoin, and expanded its profits considerably. It stands out from Ethereum that has its browser, payment system, and coding language. It should be noted that it is very easy to buy, trade, and sell with this crypto active. For this reason, many casinos have included it in their list of payment methods.


Ripple goes beyond the concept of a cryptocurrency, as it is also working as a payment platform with its XRP currency. If you use the Ripple network you can make transactions quickly, that is, in seconds. It’s very easy to use, trading costs are very low, and changing to other currencies is simple. At the moment Ripple’s payment system and virtual currency are not widely used in online casinos. But, it’s a matter of time before its use becomes widespread.


Litecoin is created in 2011 and its main feature is that it allows you to make payments immediately. Also, it can be used anywhere in the world and at a considerably low cost. Since its system of confirmation and storage of transactions is so fast, if you play at a crypto casino that accepts Litecoin, it only takes 10 minutes to approve the transaction, unlike Bitcoin which takes 30 minutes.


Dash is a cryptocurrency that offers instant transactions and very low usage rates. Besides, you can buy any amount, anywhere in the world. This crypto is based on the central code of the Bitcoin virtual currency. However, it incorporates new elements that allow casino players to have more privacy and speed. Since, it has its infrastructure of Wallet, community, and blockchain.


In 2014 Monero is launched and has managed to consolidate itself as a leader among Cryptocurrencies for its system of private transactions. The use of Monero in crypto casinos is growing because of how easy it is to use. Also, because this virtual currency uses cryptography that shields the sending and receiving addresses and the amounts traded. Therefore, operations will always be confidential, untraceable, and without risk of censorship.


This Chinese Cryptocurrency is presented as an intelligent economic system. Well, it includes digital assets, smart contracts, and digital identity. Neo is characterized by working with a very reliable open blockchain because it is decentralized. Several online casinos include neo because an average of 1000 transactions per second can be made. Also, the rates are very low and the system is highly secure.


It is a state-of-the-art Cryptocurrency, since, in its system called Tangle, chains of blocks are not used, nor are there any miners. So, it works differently from blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. Several crypto casinos are turning their attention to IOTA, because of the absence of limits and immediacy in their transactions without fraud. Furthermore, it is accepted worldwide, there are no fees for sending and receiving operations.


Dogecoin is created from 2013, it differs from other Cryptocurrencies because there is no limit on the amount that can be. Therefore, its value although it is low is always stable. It is a safe and ideal virtual currency if you are going to make bets for limited amounts in crypto casinos.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is launched in 2017, to increase the size of the blocks to ensure much faster transactions. In reality, this Cryptocurrency is presented as the enhanced version of its Bitcoin premium. Because, it offers more speed, ease of use, reliability, lower rates, it is stable and very secure.

How are cryptocurrencies or crypto actives used?

Listening to the word Cryptocurrency or crypto active some years ago was like science fiction. Nowadays it is common that people want to know what this system is about and understand it easily. Keep reading! We will immediately explain some aspects of virtual currencies with ease.

How to acquire them?

The procedure for acquiring cryptocurrency is similar to that used to obtain other currencies. Therefore, it is possible to exchange goods, services, and other currencies for Cryptocurrencies.

The trade of cryptocurrencies is mostly done through exchanges and brokers. However, if you want to exchange there are several online platforms where registration is required. Among the best known are Changelly, Bitpanda, and Coinbase Pro, where you can make your high limit transactions quickly and at acceptable rates.

How to use them

You already know how to get the Cryptocurrencies easily, now you need to understand how to store them. Remember that they are virtual currencies, so you will need a digital wallet for Cryptocurrencies and they can be of various types like:

  • Desktop wallets: Software is required for sending and storing crypto addresses. It also allows you to connect to the network to verify your transactions.
  • Online wallets: By registering in an exchange platform you can store online cryptocurrency keys from anywhere.
  • Mobile wallets: Download online an application that allows you from your mobile device to store and encrypt keys to pay with your Cryptocurrency.
  • Hardware wallets: In a USB device you can store Cryptocurrencies and private address keys.

Security with Cryptocurrencies

Pay attention to these security suggestions when making transactions with cryptosystems:

  • Secure keys: Create secure keys, including special characters, numbers, upper and lower case letters. This way, you will avoid being a victim of the terrifying electronic fraud.
    • Using a 2-step verification app would be also a great idea.
  • Use hardware Wallets: Among all the crypto coin Wallets, the hardware ones are the most secure. They give you direct access without using a connection, which reduces the risk of being hacked.
  • Transfer modest amounts of crypto coins to mobile wallets: Choose a reliable mobile wallet that does not make the registration process so easy. Remember that it is not a good idea to have a lot of money in one wallet. You can dose your cryptocurrency into several wallets.

Bitcoin Faucet

This is a reward system aimed at customers of crypto casinos. The gifts are awarded using Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or any other virtual currency the casino has as a means of payment.

It’s worth mentioning that, the amounts are minimal, but with them, new customers can get to know the crypto casino platform without investing money. Besides, regular customers have the option to try a specific game they don’t know about.

These gifts are granted in different ways in crypto casinos. Usually, the casinos release new coins for a time that can be 30 minutes. Some operators will tell you that you have to bet on a certain number of games to qualify for the offer. Also, they may require you to have a balance to receive the faucet.

Is it safe to play in a crypto casino?

With the rapid rise of crypto casinos, there is a debate among players about the security of these. Reality has shown that these sites are safer than regular casinos.

The reason is that transactions with Cryptocurrencies are completely encrypted. Besides, checks at the network points are very frequent. Also, the passwords used in transfers are long and complex, which makes it difficult for a computer criminal to decode them.

Thus, the use of virtual currencies as deposit methods is more reliable than using credit cards; especially, since there is no requirement to provide banking or personal information.

Criteria for choosing a crypto casino

Due to the huge offer of crypto casinos, it is difficult to choose the right place. However, there are criteria you can take into account to avoid registering on sites of dubious reputation.

License and track record

Never be too hasty with registration, first check if the casino is licensed and regulated by a reliable gaming authority. This way, you can be sure that the site has undergone strict independent evaluations of its services and games. It also complies with industry standards.

Also, avoid playing on sites that have negative feedback from their users. Well, blacklisted crypto casinos do not have a flawless track record.


It can be said that a crypto casino platform is secure when it uses SSL protocols. These measures allow all transactions and customer data to be encrypted. In such a way that no outsiders can have access to them and thus prevent fraud.


The bonuses are one of the aspects that draw the most attention from the players. Make sure that the bonuses are generous. Also, make sure that the wagering requirements are not too strict in the terms and conditions set by the site, otherwise, it is very difficult to release these rewards.

Innovative and varied entertainment catalog

The casino needs to offer you a varied and innovative entertainment catalog. Otherwise, you won’t find any fun or opportunities to win. That’s why it’s a good idea to check who the suppliers are. This is a reference aspect that suggests how the games of the site are.

Customer support

A place where the player is not given proper attention is not good for playing. Imagine that you have doubts or an inconvenience where you need urgent support. Therefore, the casino must offer attention to your language and 24/7. Besides, it should have several efficient ways of contact such as a live chat.

Mobile Adaptability

You are probably a mobile user, so your bets can be too. So, you should look for sites that have games that are compatible with mobile devices. Also, make sure your platform is responsive, that is, it adapts to any screen. This detail will enhance your gaming experience because it will allow you to gamble from wherever you are.

Steps to register at a crypto casino

The registration procedure in a crypto casino is simple; in fact, it only takes a few minutes. You can check it out by following these steps

  1. Enter the site’s platform and click the “Register” button.
  2. Fill in the form with your personal and contact data.
  3. Create your username and password to enter the site.
  4. Choose the Cryptocurrency with which you will carry out your transactions.
  5. Read the terms and conditions and accept them.
  6. Finish the registration process by clicking on the “Register” button.

Games based on cryptocurrencies

One of the benefits of registering at an online crypto casino is that you will have access to an exclusive gaming library. That is, many of their entertainments are not available in the usual casinos. We will soon tell you which games you will find in a crypto casino.


How do you like the mix between slot machines and crypto? I assure you that you will have experience of another world playing with classic slots and video slots with virtual coins. Among the titles, you can find Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs and Satoshi’s Secret.


One of the most fascinating and preferred board games for players is Poker. Therefore, software providers like NetEnt have developed variants for crypto casinos like Professional Oasis Poker Series.


Darts 180 is also part of those entertainments that everyone wants to see in a casino with cryptosystems. You can even get crypto casino bonuses at Bitcoin and Faucets when you sign up.

Scratch and win

The fun scratch cards are those traditional, simple, but never outdated games. This is why they are included in the entertainment catalog of crypto casinos.


If you’re a Keno fan, a perfect variant for crypto casinos is Keno Kong. Fast, good animations and simple rules will give you a lot of fun and very good winnings.

How do you determine if a crypto casino game is probably fair?

In the usual online casino, measures have been taken to verify that the games are honest and random. Constant software audits and random number generators prove to the players that these entertainments are reliable.

However, with the emergence of crypto casinos in the gaming industry, questions have been raised about whether the entertainment is transparent and unaltered. For this reason, the concept of probably fair appears.

At the moment of entering a crypto casino that works under the probably fair methodology, you will be shown a pop-up window informing you that the casino is probably fair. These sites have an algorithm that certifies the fairness of the games. In fact, in real-time the players can do a manual audit and check it.

These sites 3 three technological elements RNG, hash generators, and seeds. So, if you play slots, at the beginning the casino creates a digit that will be sent to you. Then you add a seed and place your bet. You will then be given the seed used in your bet if the hash is shown before the result. Then the game is reliable and honest.

Deposit and Withdrawal of Winnings from a Crypto casino

When making deposits and withdrawals at a crypto casino you should be confident that these transactions are secure. Well, Cryptocurrency technology is so innovative that it makes it difficult for computer criminals to steal your identity. Here are the steps to withdraw and deposit at a crypto online casino.

Steps to Deposit

  1. Buy the cryptocurrency of your choice and store it in an electronic wallet.
  2. Enter the crypto casino where you registered.
  3. Choose the virtual currency you will use in the payment methods.
  4. Choose the crypto coin Wallet.
  5. Enter the amount to be deposited.

Withdrawal procedure

  1. Log in with your username and password to the crypto casino where you are registered.
  2. Go to the banking or ATM option and choose the means of withdrawal.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  4. Wait for the funds to be deposited in your crypto wallet.

Find the best crypto casinos here!

Choosing the best casinos that accept Cryptocurrency takes a lot of time and effort. For this reason, we are here to help you. Our team of experts conducted the relevant tests to verify that the casinos on the list meet all the necessary quality and safety criteria. Take a look at the list and find out about the best casinos with Cryptocurrencies!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bitcoin crypto-based games reliable?

Of course, they’re reliable. The companies that develop them are authorized and regulated by internationally recognized gaming authorities. Also, these entertainments are tested and independently audited for integrity and randomness.

What are the top three Bitcoin games for Android devices?

The best Bitcoin games supported for Android devices include London Hunter, Book of the Dead, and Gold King.

Are crypto casinos available for mobile devices?

Yes, since the platforms of these sites are responsive, meaning they fit any screen. Similarly, the games of crypto casinos are optimized for users with mobile devices to enjoy them.

Can a crypto casino faucet give me free cryptocurrency tokens?

Yes, because crypto casinos have started to adopt this type of faucet as a reward. Because of this, they can give out cryptographic tokens to players from time to time and the amount will depend on the user’s faucet level.

Do crypto casinos accept payments with fiduciary coins?

That depends, many accept payments with cryptocurrencies and fiduciary currencies like the dollar or the euro. However, some only accept virtual currencies for deposit or withdrawal.

Do crypto casinos have loyalty programs?

Most crypto casinos have loyalty programs. This is a way of rewarding your regular customers with exclusive benefits, bonuses, and prizes.